Hope Rising

Our Purpose:

We're here to share our lives and the life of Jesus with people disconnected from God.

We want to build a network of micro-churches and missional communities whose focus is Jesus, His Word, and Spirit expressing Himself within homes, then neighborhoods, communities, cities, and the world.

Our approach is two-fold:
1 - A micro-church meeting within a Statham, GA home that is open to unbelievers and new believers

2 - A network of micro-churches and missional communities lead by disciples of Jesus desiring to take the Gospel and Church to friends, neighbors, and communities.

What is micro-church?

We define micro-church as a small adopted family - typically 3 to 20 people - growing in faith, love, and life-restoration through Jesus.

What is missional community?

A network of local micro-churches united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships.